Caviar for Modern Gourmets

Malakhoff Caviar, a new brand of caviar has been presented in the European market in 2018. The brand is new only formally, since its business history counts several decades already.

Alexander Malakhoff, the founder  of the Malakhoff brand is a restaurateur, traveller, yachtsman, editor, aesthete, and hedonist, a genuine global Russian living both in Latvia and France. Alexander is the founder of several life-style businesses, the owner of the leading glossy magazines in the Baltics in the recent past.

His experience and awareness about the high gastronomy and sophisticated taste suggested Alexander the idea to create his own brand of premium quality food products partnership with a financial and distribution company

CAVIAR UNION HOLDING Ltd, (partner and shareholder of various distribution companies in Europe and the USA)

Alexander Malakhoff had been looking for inspiration for a long time and caviar became his priority

In its research around the world, the group has formed a partnership with one of the most famous producers of this luxurious dish,

For 4 generations, the family of this producer has supplied caviar of exceptional quality to distinguished clients, hotel chains, star restaurants in France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The selection of breeding sturgeons and the salting of caviar being a delicate job requiring exceptional skills and good intuition, these professionals use their ancestral know-how thus making caviar an exclusive and “hand-made” product.

It is in this context that this new union takes place: that of the Caviar Malakhoff brand, and of the Caviar union Holding Group, the union of high-level traditions and a new modern approach to presentation and distribution. of this classic product.

It is no coincidence that Malakhoff brand customers continue to include a large number of artistic and commercial personalities, art collectors, sophisticated aesthetes – true hedonists and foodies.

Nowadays, when high gastronomy and modern art have ceased to be the exclusive domain of the elites, the distribution group Caviar Union holding has decided to democratize its caviar, by making a luxury dish reserved for an elite. , a product accessible to a wider range of gourmets.

One of the group’s principles is to stay true to what marketing calls “the brand’s DNA” namely, to focus on quality, to treat caviar not as a symbol of prestige, but as

“an object of art accessible to everyone”. 

Alain Ducasse was among the first personalities to appreciate the quality of Malakhoff caviar after the brand’s appearance on the market: according to him “this caviar with a dense texture and a subtle taste is perfectly suited to French cuisine reinterpreted in more terms. modern. “

Caviar Malkhoff is a great art of caviar, with a format made accessible. . .

This is Caviar Malakhoff’s mission – to give new life to a classic product, to bring caviar into harmony with the modern rhythm of life.

The Caviar Union Holding Group, via its distribution subsidiary in France

“La Compagnie la Mer”, focuses on the distribution and development of product quality, but does not consider limiting itself to importing and distributing only Caviar. In the near future, the group will actively expand its line of high-end food specialties with in particular:

The Boutargue : (Mule eggs), The Keta (Salmon eggs.), The Kamtchatka King Crab, The Scottish and Norwegian Smoked Salmon (Slice and Heart of Filet).

Now, on the threshold of the 2020-ies, in our world which has changed so radically, it sounds as contemporary as never before.